Turn Your Hilly Yard Into a Tiered Garden

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Do you want to add form and aesthetics to your garden? A retaining wall contractor from Driven Divisions LLC can help you design your ideal landscape. We'll guide you through the retaining wall design process or show you some of our completed projects.

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retaining wall installation cheyenne wy

3 ways to use retaining walls in your garden

Good retaining wall design is an excellent way to add depth and order to your garden. But retaining walls are good for...

  1. Erosion control: Hilly landscapes are prone to erosion. Retaining wall installation lets you combat soil loss while beautifying your landscape.
  2. Gardening: Retaining walls can be an attractive alternative to garden boxes for plants and small shrubs.
  3. Accessibility: For yards that slope steeply, retaining walls can create more usable and accessible space.

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